For thrill seekers Ohio has some of the best roller coasters the world has to offer but EAST WEST HELICOPTER offers the greatest ride of your life! Come experience the thrill of flying at 130 mph in our twin engine turbine helicopter. We won’t turn you upside down, unless you want us too, but we can personalize your flight to whatever you may wish. Whether it is to celebrate a special birthday, graduation, anniversary or for sightseeing we can customize a trip lasting 30 minutes to 1 hour or longer and take you where you want to go.   


Fly over your home, see the Cincinnati skyline, view the fall colors, perhaps drop you at Belterra for the weekend or make a meeting in Louisville in under an hour.

Available on short notice, holidays and weekends we offer the convenience of picking you up and dropping you off at any feasible location.

Our helicopters spacious corporate interior can accommodate 5 passengers comfortably, all forward facing, thus ensuring everyone has an excellent view. The aircraft is also air conditioned and offers plenty of cargo space for luggage.


East West Helicopter has been in business more than thirty years and maintains the helicopter at our Harrison, Ohio facility. Your pilot also has 30 plus years flying experience. So if you’re looking for a unique thrill, call today for pricing and available times.