EWH has evolved into a forerunner in the helicopter industry as both 
purchaser and seller of aircraft. Although our sales  are primarily Turbine Helicopters we also are always interested in engines, parts and fixed wing aircraft.

Our prime objective is providing complete support services for our customers while ensuring their satisfaction on a longterm basis, whatever that requirement may be.

The expertise and experience we have gained over the years, coupled with an excellent, knowledgeable staff enables us to perform many different services for our clients. Our focus is on the same services we have been 
providing for many years.    


     EWH has a vast knowledge of the small details, contract
     intricacies, title security & geographic difficulties as well as  
     establishing a fair market value for the purchase of  
     helicopters, airplanes and parts. This is a great benefit for  
     our clients who are selling their aircraft or inventory, as we 
     offer tremendous flexibility with regard to timing, condition, 
     location and configuration. All of our purchases
are strictly 
     for inventory.



EWH continuously searches the world for good used turbine helicopters and their parts. This enables us to provide our clientele an instant availability to meet their requirements as they change. The advantages we offer on your purchase are;

    • All aircraft are priced at a fair market value.
    • Delivered in the USA or Canada with the appropriate registration and airworthiness.
    • World-wide delivery including documentation.
    • All maintenance verified and completed to the latest manufacturers standards, including all records.
    • Customization of the aircraft to any extent required including assistance throughout the entire process and beyond final delivery.
    • We stand behind all equipment which is sold and establish long term relationships with our clients.


We are a deep maintenance organization with a FAA 145 Certified Repair Station. We hold ratings for Bell 206, 212, 412, MD 500 and Eurocopter AS350, AS355 and EC120 helicopter series and their respective engines. We are a MD Service Center and are working to soon become a Eurocopter Service Center. Our clientele is varied and widespread including government, operators and private individuals.

We pride ourselves in completing thorough maintenance, in a timely manner, while controlling costs and providing a safe, reliable and very smooth finished product.


In addition to maintenance we provide many other services which include world-wide shipping, incident repairs, major installations and modifications.

                    We have gained the expertise to assist our clientele in virtually all aspects of their operational and support requirements, continually 
                    learning as new opportunities are presented to our industry.